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Conduit Software, formerly Basin Commerce, provides a solution to improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction!


Opportunity Overview: Conduit Software (iBookFreight.com’s powerful technology solution) has been in production since April 2017 and is a fully functional SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform built on today’s common, powerful cloud technology.  This software bridges the gap between buyers and sellers of bulk freight and raw materials!


REASON FOR SALE: Originally developed as a market place tool, the owners are seeking to provide a strategic acquirer the immediate benefit and exclusive ownership of this technology through a transaction.



Client B2538 - Conduit Software

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» Turn-Key Bulk Freight Solution with Quote Standardization


» Real-Time Monitoring, Reporting and Document Centralization


» Drive Cost Savings Through Analytic Decision Making


» Integrated Technologies (Email, SMS, AIS, etc.)


» Invaluable, Extensive Bulk Freight Data Warehouse that Includes;

•Barge Companies (48)
•Truckers (125,000)
•Fleets (330)
•Terminals (3,150)
•Tows (250)


» Over 2 ½ Years of Research & Development to Build Product



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